The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is two years, full time programme consisting of six terms, apart from summer project at the end of third Trimester for duration of at least six (6) weeks in a reputed organization.
The curricula for the TWO-Year PGDM Programme are designed to impart knowledge, specialized skills and positive attitudes for the students to become competent and responsible citizens. The curricula emphasize conceptual and analytical reasoning and provide students the insights into the business world and its environment Basics of all functional areas such as

Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management and Information Systems

are included in the course design. 

The First Year

During the first year if the programme, students learn basic concepts in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Systems, Production and Operations Management and Economics etc. To name a few these courses help the students appreciate the interdependence of the various functional areas and integrate them while addressing problems in the business context. These constitute the core courses. On completion of the core courses, student can pursue elective dealing with functional areas of their interest. The First year academic work spreads over three terms (trimester I, II & III) of three months each, is a package of compulsory courses designed to provide basic knowledge in concepts tools and techniques in various functional areas. After successfully completing
the first year, a student is allowed to register for the second year, a student is allowed to register for second year of the program

2. The Second Year

The second Year curriculum, which is spread over three terms, consists of compulsory courses along with elective courses in different areas of interest (concentrations). However, designing and floating of any elective course is dependent on the factors like market demand, availability of faculty and minimum number if students registering
among others. Students are required to opt for any one of the specializations apart from the compulsory courses. The specializations offered will be
Marketing Management
Financial Management
Human Resource Management

Student will be opting for one major and one minor specialization. In his way the course will be of dual Specialization.

3. Summer Project

At the end of the third trimester, all the students of the PGDM programme are required to undertake a summer project assignment in an organization for a period of minimum 6 months. The project is intended to give the students an opportunity to sharpen their knowledge and skills, develop better appreciation of the practical problems of business organisations. The project helps the students plan their professional career in the light of the practical experience acquired during these two months. The performance of the students is continuously assessed during the training period and the students have to give presentations on the summer projects before a team of experts in the beginning of fourth Trimester. 


The Institute will use a combination of various teaching methods such as cases, assignments, individual and group projects, computer aided instructions, group discussions, lectures, seminars, presentations and lecture by guest speakers from industry and academic. The case and the lecture method will be the predominant pedagogical tools. A mix of pedagogical tools will sharpen the analytical skills of the students and
helps them to analyze problems from multi-functional perspectives. Faculty will guide the students in developing the skills to defend arguments, and take decisions. 



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