The Facilities

Innovative Classrooms

Classrooms setup for  Learning have enhanced technologies that give the instructor and students greater freedom to capture content in the space for later review as well as use content from the web and other sources directly while in class.
Classroom allows for new modalities of student engagement and increased peer-to-peer interaction. This fully flexible, wireless-based classroom supports higher-order teaching methods such as a flipped classroom or hybrid approaches to teaching and learning. This room enhances student-centered learning at its best, and can be arranged in a variety of ways to support multiple disciplines across the University.
Classroom Technology
Mobile seating , Mobile tables ,Distributed displays ,Wireless presentation system for students ,
Touch enabled instructor computer with annotation ,Web conferencing ,lecture capture

Computer Lab

Our computer lab provides the students as well as faculty with high bandwidth internet speed thereby making them proficient in keeping themselves abreast of all the advanced technological developments that happen around the world. One doesn't have to worry about the power cuts too, as the college computer lab is equipped with powerful backup 24*7. Our college is WiFi Enabled, which helps the students work on their assignments from anywhere in the campus. The computer lab remains open from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm, and after that WiFi proves to be of advantage to the students.
Our round the clock WiFi facility makes sure that the students at our campus surf the net, gathering knowledge to their best, apply to their assignments and stand out of the crowd of other college students.
We encourage our students to carry out deeper research for their projects. Through this, they can build their hands on experience and upgrade their learning skills. Aryans Group of Colleges has advanced computer lab to train our students practically. Ample time is allotted to all students along with optimum lab exposure.


The Auditorium serves as a space for encouraging creativity and fostering communication. The daily assembly, talks by guest speakers, inter-college competitions, and important functions including the annual College day, Independence Day and Teachers Day are held here .

The auditorium can seat about 700 people and has a very advanced light and sound system. It is equipped with a large stage (40 × 60 ft), two green rooms, comfortable seating, carpeting, wall paneling for acoustic effects, air-conditioners, wash-rooms, locker and podium. The sound system includes a 12-channel mixer and a studio master. The light room can operate almost100 lights at the same time with the help of its electronic dimmer. There are also 16mm and digital video projectors, for screening films. 

Councelling Area

Counseling services at CHIBS are in place to help students identify and clarify personal, career, and educational goals. The intent is to help students explore their options and make informed decisions that will improve the quality of their lives. Our professionally trained counselors are available to assist you with the following:
Educational Planning
Career Exploration
Personal Counseling
Counseling Classes
Support Groups
Referral Services
Transfer Services 


The College Library has large area and accommodates about 200 students for reference work at any time. The Library has number of volumes of books and maintains open access facility for students and staff members, which include Books, Magazines, Periodicals and Scientific Journals (National / International).

The Library has a reprographic section to meet the requirements of students and staff. The college provides high speed leased line (2 Mpbs) internet facility with wi-fi connection.

The college library also provides
Internet Facility
Audio visual facility
E- Journals

Sports Activities

Sports at CHIBS moves beyond the stereotypical notions of winning and losing. The focus is on health, fitness and the wellbeing of the entire LSR community. The college has actively organized talks, workshops & seminars to bring awareness about wellness, sports injuries, sports nutrition and drug abuse in sports. There has also been a certificate course in sports journalism. Eminent sports personalities and sports scientists are invited to engage with students.

Over the years our athletes and para-athletes have actively participated in sports events at the national and international levels, making us proud of all their achievements.



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